Office Hours #66 | Abandoned Cart Recovery – Part 4 of 6 Black Friday Training Series

Office Hours #68 | Ready For Black Friday? 3 Bare Minimum Funnels – Part 6 of 6 Black Friday Training Series

Full Transparency on our Black Friday efforts. If you are wondering how we applied our own advice to get 300% year over year increase, consume this information! And watch next week’s episode where we reveal our full results!

  • 4:53 | Setting up your Abandoned Cart Recovery Funnel
  • 5:18 | Initial Funnel Steps
  • 5:41 | Define Product Category
  • 6:09 | Delayed Timer Setup (great information)
  • 7:21 | Abandoned Cart Email Setup
  • 8:46 | Woocommerce Cart Specialty Code (replacement code)
  • 9:23 | Restore Cart URL (replacement code)
  • 9:43 | Cross-Platform explanation
  • 12:13 | Creating Follow up Email
  • 16:52 | Switching to Date Based eMail WordPress CRM

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