Office Hours #69 | Funnel Case Study | Black Friday Results

Office Hours #69| Selling To Existing Customers – Part 5 of 6 Black Friday Training Series

Funnel Case Study Results. We are very transparent on what happened during our 2020 Black Friday Campaign and share with you our results to help you learn the do’s and don’ts of a successful campaign. This was recorded LIVE during Office Hours in the Groundhogg Open User Group.

  • 00:00​ Introduction
  • 02:17​ Black Friday Numbers…the big reveal.
  • 02:50​ Traffic results – moderate increase
  • 03:36​ Average Session time on website
  • 04:03​ New site visitors was up
  • 04:31​ Most visitors coming from desktop devices (interesting stats)
  • 05:26​ We disclose our conversion rates – did content work?
  • 06:32​ How was our sales performance? UP 306% increase in revenue from 2019 Black Friday
  • 07:41​ 43% of November revenue occured in last 4 days of Sale.
  • 09:20​ We offered a coupon, yet not everybody used it
  • 10:57​ Distribution: Good, Better, Best Pricing Model
  • 12:47​ 63% purchased Pro Plan – Most Popular Plan
  • 13:22​ 19% purchased Agency Plan
  • 13:35​ 18% bought WaaS Plan and others
  • 13:56​ 38% bought 3 Year Plan (clients rewarded for big savings on 3 year committment)
  • 15:27​ 36% brand new yearly sales
  • 15:41​ 26% monthly (newly introduced in November in time for this promotion)
  • 16:22​ Note: No one bought BASIC plan (value of Good, Better, Best pricing model)
  • 17:07​ How did our funnels perform? 17:34​ 40% bought through out abandonment cart funnel! (THIS IS HUGE!!!!)
  • 18:42​ Pre-Black Friday Pop Up funnel 20% of new subscribers of that funnel bought. That was a cool sales lift because of the pop up.
  • 19:30​ What kind of engagement did we get? View the video to find out more! We discuss opt-ins and open rates. And Click-thru rates. Fighting to get opened in the inbox.
  • 22:13​ The law of diminishing returns during Black Friday. What was frequency of emails? What happened? We share this with you.
  • 26:45​ We use Monster Insights. Value of pricing page. Proof we had quality traffic.
  • 30:10​ Question & Answer Period 31:15​ How much time do you leave to send an email after abandonment cart? Adrian recommends what has worked for him. 33:36​ Being Transparent in Groundhogg’s growth
  • 35:31​ How to Find More Groundhogg Resources.

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