Office Hours #64 | Upsell and Cross Sell examples | Part 2 of 6 Black Friday Training Series

Upsell and Cross Sell examples | Part 2 of 6 Black Friday Training Series

Learn Upselling & Cross-Selling strategies for Black Friday. Tools & Strategies and real-live examples of upsell and cross-sell funnels.

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:34 Black Friday Affiliate Program 20% for Affiliates -30% commission for Certified Partners
  • 02:26 3 Year Deal, Pay 2 Get one Free
  • 03:47 How to Register to become an affilaite
  • 04:05 Fool Proof strategies for Black Friday and Cyber Monday
  • 04:51 Upselling & Cross Selling 05:12 Real example of Black Friday Pre-Optin form
  • 05:48 Don’t leave money on the table (upselling & cross-selling)
  • 06:23 How to create higher value orders
  • 06:25 UPselling – the art of getting customers to spend more on a superior product…
  • 07:01 Good, Better, Best plan
  • 07:28 The art of getting customers to spend more by purchase by selling multiple related products
  • 08:40 The 3 questions you must ask yourself before you set this up!
  • 14:22 Let’s Build Some Funnels! 14:88 Example of Upsell funnel, example of cross sell funnel
  • 15:24 Upselling & Cross Selling is a year round strategy
  • 30:31 Easy Digital Downloads
  • 32:07 Example of UPsell Funnel (based on most popular low barrier product)
  • 48:01 Download our funnels and import in your Groundhogg installation! 48:48 Recommended Plugins. UPsellPlugin, LaunchFlows & Cartflows
  • 50:32 Question and Answer Period.
  • 54:50 What are “Saved Searches”.
  • 56:62 Can I upgrade from a Multi-Site licence to an Agency licence?
  • 58:00 How to get started. WordPress CRM

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