Office Hours #63 |Groundhogg Affiliate Program | A WordPress Product

Office Hours #63 | Getting you ready for Black Friday 2020 | November Revenue Opportunities!

Part 1 of 6 Black Friday Training Series

  • 00:00 Introduction to Black Friday Deal 2020
  • 01:25 Black Friday is Coming! Revenue Opportunities
  • 01:43 We’ve restructured our Affiliate Program for Black Friday
  • 01:59 Upping Commission Rate – Recurring Commissions! for Affiliates and Certified Partners 02:27 How to take advantage of this
  • 02:42 The 3 Year Deal! Buy 2 years, Get 3rd year free
  • 03:06 Major Commissions are available!~ See chart in the video
  • 04:00 Partners can earn more! 04:22 You get commissions on renewals (per year)
  • 04:48
  • 05:26 We payout every month, 1st week of the month
  • 05:42 Mini-training series every Tuesday in Official Groundhogg Facebook User Group. – Pre Black Friday Opt-in – Upselling & Cross-Selling – List Hype Email Series – Selling to Existing Customers – Abandoned Cart Recovery – Black Friday Review & Recap
  • 07:08 Pre-Black Friday Optin Strategy – People are looking for deals. November 1st!!!
  • 09:02 How do we ensure we are getting the maximum of sales we can when Nov 1st begins?
  • 09:37 What does a Black Friday look like?
  • 10:44 Black Friday is Coming Pop Up example
  • 13:39 Send a Single Email (reply to optin). Sample Email 16:16 Am I bleeding sales if people are waiting for Black Friday? 17:28 Avoid the Word “Submit”. Example of better Call to Action
  • 19:02 ReCap of Black Friday Optin Strategy
  • 20:58 How to Join the Groundhogg Affiliate Program
  • 22:16 Introduction to Upselling & Crosselling for Black Friday Pro Plans for Single Licence, Agency Licence, Multi-Site Licence, or White Label Licence: WordPress CRM

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