Office Hours #60: How to Set Up an Email Survey in Groundhogg CRM!

Learn about Superlinks! Send out Survey to collect valuable feedback. How to use Survey as part of a funnel and then use the answers to trigger other actions. PLUS Bonus Q & A questions are answered

This survey is used to collect the answer to ONE QUICK QUESTION.


  • Groundhogg core
  • Advanced Features Extensions
    • Supperlinks Feature

Task List:

Bonus Q & A questions are answered:
[18:11] The url is different or the same for each superlink?
[19:18] If the links are the same how can groundhogg tell which select is made.
[26:57] Can you use these tag to run other funnels?
[20:11] Does the question need to be in a groundhogg email or can it be in any email
[23:55] So the superlinks can be on a wordpress page - yes or no.
[30:55] One of the pages had a name inbedded in it - how did you do that?  (gives a full example)
               full documentation: [gh_replacments]Shortcode
[33:02] Can data be pulled from forms (third party form)
              Use conditional forms/tag - full example
[36:29] Delivering PDF's vai superlinks - supereasy!
[38:27] If a customer fills out a form on a tablet and the frontend desk want to see that information appear in email once they are finished. How can we do that. 

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