Membership Site Tips | Retain your members with Auto-Log In! Secure and it works!

In this video, learn how to remove key barriers for your members and decrease churn. We slipped in a new feature: auto-login links! It will help you increase “stick” and retain your members!

In this WordPress CRM and Marketing Automation Tutorial for WordPress developers, you’ll meet Adrian Tobey, Founder of Groundhogg. He shows you have to reduce Abandonment and churn by making one quick fix in your funnels. It’s really a sexy feature and you’ll love it!!!

  • 0:00 Introduction
    • 0:16 Most Popular Templates: Login Abandonment Funnel
    • 0:37 User Case Scenario
    • 0:54 Barrier to Entry: When users forget password or login info (creates Abandonment )
    • 1:23 NEW FEATURE! Check it out! It’s great.
      • Use a replacement code that makes auto-login secure and one-time use.
    • 3:14 Take additional steps to go to a specific spot on the website.
    • 4:06 You can use it with “create user” action.
  • 4:46 Question and Answers
    • 5:05 How to Test Your Funnel
    • 6:12 How to book a pre-sales 15-minute call with Founder Adrian Tobey.

Groundhogg is a WordPress CRM & Marketing Automation Software for WordPress. To learn more about how Groundhogg can revolutionize your business, visit now!

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Groundhogg is open source marketing automation software for WordPress. We help businesses simplify, consolidate, and automate their sales and marketing so they can launch and scale faster!

To learn more about how Groundhogg can revolutionize your business, visit now!

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