Conditional Logic WordPress CRM – Advanced Funnel Builder Tutorial | Groundhogg Office Hours #29

Are you building a sales funnel in WordPress? In this WordPress conditional logic tutorial, you will be learning about the conditional logic feature to segment your funnels and do cool stuff within your funnel builder.

Learn how to properly implement conditional logic in your funnel builder to provide you with the extreme flexibility to build the exact funnel you want. Learn how to use your benchmarks and actions, delay timers, emails, tags, etc to get your automation done!

  • 0:00 Introductions, news, updates and Affilate info
    • 3:37 What is Conditional Logic,
      • Why do I need it,
      • How does it work,
      • webhook listener and Send API action
    • 4:55 How to Activate Conditional Logic function (included in Pro plan or sold seperately)
    • 6:07 Step by Step training of Conditional Logic
    • 6:40 Adding Actions to funnel (creation of basic funnel)
    • 7:25 Conditional Logic Example:
      • automate email if they have NOT visited page, and different email if they HAVE visited page (example of if/then statement)
    • 10:11 Setting up the tags to trigger steps (skip this step). Trigger different content based on what your visitors have done or NOT done.
    • 11:23 Add as many tags as you need. You can also add more conditions. Visual examples given.
    • 12:30 You can disable conditional logic and save settings for you.
    • 13:45 You can apply conditional logic to timers.
    • 16:00 The difference between using tag benchmarks vs. Conditional Logic
    • 19:31 Build small purpose single-use funnels! Adrian Tobey’s recommendation.
      • Example of Lead Generation funnel. Different funnels do very specific things.
    • 20:44 Example of Onboarding Series
    • 21:36 You can check if the contact has any/all/none of these tags and pull data. You can specify certain meta.
    • 23:36 Review of Conditional Logic Extension
    • 26:10 NEW! WebHook Listener Benchmark
    • 27:46 Map fields to related fields in Groundhogg
    • 31:52 More options for Groundhogg Resources
  • Required WordPress CRM Plugin:

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