Remote Worker Tools Reviews and Recommendations: Office Hours #34

Adrian Tobey, CEO of Groundhogg, shares his personal set up for Remote Worker Tools and Reviews his own set up. Get personal insight into webinar gear, livestream software, and podcast gear he uses along with recommendations for your own pro remote work stack.

This tutorial is perfect for folks launching webinars live or evergreen, for trainers, speakers, coaches, small business owners, podcasters, influencers, bloggers, LMS WordPress owners, content producers and more.

  • 0:00 Introduction
    • 2:41 Tools to help you work remotely
    • 2:39 Best Communication software: Zoom review, Loom review,
    • 4:56 Best Project Management Software: Basecamp Review & Trello Review
    • 5:52 Livestream Software OBS Livestream | Open Broadcasting Software Studio review
    • 7:17 Best Home Studio Gear | Home setups for remote working Logitech Headset Review, Samson Gtrack Microphone Review, Gaomon Pen Tablet,& Drawing Graphics Review
    • 10:18 Gear for Podcasting: Home Recording studio recommendations
    • 13:21 Question & Answer Period where Groundhoggers post their burning questions in the Livestream

  • Q & A includes:
    • IAM and AWS SES questions
    • What is best Evergreen Webinar that plays nice with Groundhogg?
    • Groundhogg Resources

Groundhogg is open source marketing automation software for WordPress. We help businesses simplify, consolidate and automate their sales and marketing so they can launch and scale faster!

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