Office Hours #51: Designing A Customer Onboarding Experience

Designing a Customer On-boarding Experience can be one of the most difficult processes needed within your business.

The customer onboarding experience is what we use to

  • Educate!
  • and Indoctrinate!

……new customers or leads to turn them into FOREVER customers.!

Adrian shares some valuable tools and insights that he has used while building groundhogg into the award winning software that it is!

If you prefer to read about setting up your cron-job’s please refer to these helpful documents.

Everything you want to know about groundhogg and Cron setups!

Groundhogg is open source marketing automation software for WordPress. We help businesses simplify, consolidate and automate their sales and marketing so they can launch and scale faster!

To learn more about how Groundhogg can revolutionize your business, visit now!

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