Office Hours #65 | Sales Funnel Affiliate Marketing

Office Hours #65| Sales Funnel Affiliate Marketing

Cart Abandonment for WooCommerce – Learn how to Squeeze more $$ and stop bleeding sales with this WordPress CRM & Marketing Automation Plugin Groundhogg!

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:29 What are the promotions and specials available for Groundhogg Affiliates?
  • 03:19 Creating Black Friday Madness for your clients.
  • 03:40 List Hype Email Series – to get consistent results
  • 04:46 Review of what we previously covered (Replays available on Youtube)
  • 05:14 Download PDF – includes templates and strategy… Inclu
  • 06:12 You will need a clean list of subscribers + Groundhogg + email service + a product to sell and a deal discount count or Black Friday specific product or package.
  • 07:10 *disclaimer: basing results on previous experience
  • 07:29 20% open rate, 15% 20% Click-Through Rates, 10%-20% purchase rate
  • 08:15 8 Part Email Series to help you Crush Black Friday
  • 09:49 Email # 1 (Monday before Black Friday). Build Curiousity. Remind subscribers you exist. Be “top of mind”. Send the A, B or C email. Ask your customer what they want to spend money on.
  • 13:49 Email # 2 Partial release of deal and added benefits. Make your customer part of the deal process. They chose what they want to spend money on. Your competing for inbox space.
  • 15:26 Email # 3. Disclose all benefits of products included in the deal. Establish total potential of retail value. Sell benefits not features.
  • 18:23 Email #4 The Big Reveal. Pile on the value and full disclosure. Throw in bonuses. Make it super attractive. Use free things you are giving it away (but remember to give it a value)
  • 20:55 Email #5. BUY! The Deal Goes Live! Launch deal and get paid! Get out of the way, give them the link to the deal. Remember to give them a DEADLINE! Clear CTA (Call to Action). Make sure deal goes live at 12:01 am on black Friday. (or earlier – since the email service may be late due to high volume)
  • 23:00 Email 6: Time is Running Out email. Close people who are on the fence. Remind them of cost if the DON’T take the deal. This could help close people who are on the fence. – humans are motivated more by loss than they are by gain. 27:00 If they didn’t buy, send Email 7: Extend the Deal – give them more time.
  • 28:33 Last Chance Email. Summarize everything to get stragglers to convert. Actual last email.
  • 32:00 Thank you and How to get additional help!

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